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Life is too short to wait in line.

You have better things to do, and so do your citizens.
Do you...

Think there must be an easier way to empower your citizens to get the answers they need?

Struggle to provide services to a growing population with limited resources?

Need a more holistic view of your community in order to make informed, data-driven decisions?

Experience high volumes of routine telephone, email, and in-person inquiries?

Want to improve customer satisfaction and service times?

Wish you had more time to handle complex and sensitive enquiries?

Let CityAssistant handle it.

CityAssistant will help achieve your customer service strategy by taking a significant step forward in your organization’s digital transformation.

CityAssistant is more than a bot. Powered by SimpliCity™, it’s the new AI-powered assistant that your citizens will love, and it integrates with the business processes and systems you know.

CityAssistant provides a new way for your citizens to access city services and get answers to their questions, where and when they want. It goes beyond answering common questions, by also allowing citizens to complete secure transactions and submit forms like issue reporting, in a conversational and intuitive way.

+ Accessible and Intuitive
  • Eliminates wait times for users: available 24/7/365.
  • Delivers equity of access to information for all: user-friendly, intuitive, and multilingual.
  • Supports multiple channels, including: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, text message, mobile app, and website chat window.
+ Supports City Staff
  • Reduces call and email volume by 15-25%.
  • Updates can be made quickly and easily, to expand and enhance content by city staff.
  • Facilitates staff training and day-to-day information needs.
  • Shares a library across all channels to ensure consistency of responses.
+ Trustworthy, Integrated and Scalable Technology
  • Easy to set up and inexpensive to maintain.
  • Uses machine learning to improve with each interaction.
  • Provides insights into what the community wants to know through rich analytics.
  • Ports collected data to, or integrates with, your existing CRM, helpdesk platform, and issue reporting system.
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70%of consumers prefer messaging over calling for customer support
80%of businesses will have some chatbot automation implemented by 2020

45%of states and 31% of cities intend to implement a chatbot in the next 12-24 months

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The Early Adopter Program is a limited-time opportunity for communities to gain exclusive, early access to new features before their general release, receive additional support and training, and have the opportunity to provide feedback and make enhancement requests. Early Adopters will play an important role in the evolution of CityAssistant.


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Need to talk tech?

Smart, scalable, and secure technology solutions for Government with a forward-thinking, experienced technology partner.

CityAssistant is designed and developed by the in-house team of experts at Radical I/O Technology in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Radical I/O is a different kind of technology company - one that values community, relationships, and social good. We partner with municipalities and government to make technology accessible and useful to all.

We have a vision of inclusive, connected communities, where people have access to the information they need, when and where they want it. The knowledge and experience we have from working with municipalities, combined with the expertise and innovations we’ve gained from successfully completing over 60 projects within 13 industries informs how we create purposeful, data-driven solutions for cities and government.

We apply our team's expertise to help you achieve your goals:

  • Web and mobile applications, and dashboards
  • Solution architecture and integrations
  • Smart data, including AI and machine learning
  • Open data and data lakes
  • IoT and digital twins
  • and more!
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